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What is Solar Energy?

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Solar Energy falls under the category of green renewable energy that allows generation of electricity by means using of sun’s light and heat.  Our Sun is an abundant source of energy that is waiting to be utilized.  Over the last decade, Solar Energy and other alternative energies have received a lot of attention.  We have all seen our solar run calculators that are powered by daylight.  This is the same concept in utilizing Sun Solar radiation and turning it into electricity, but on a large scale that can run your refrigerators, cooking appliances and TVs.

So you may wonder – how does it work?  What is it?  In order to define Solar Energy, one has to define how Sun’s energy impacts all of this.  Our Earth receives over 150 petawatts (PW) of radiation that hits our surface.  Approximately 1/3 of this is reflected from Earth’s atmosphere and a lot of it goes to warm the Oceans, but there is still plenty of energy that can be utilized.  This is the same energy that plants use to do their photosynthesis process and produce food.

Present day, Solar Energy is converted into Electricity using Solar Panels.  These Panels are deployed commercially on large farms or on residential roof tops which coverts Sun’s radiation heat into electricity.  Depending on your location and the amount of Sun’s light and radiation heat you receive, you could generate enough energy from your roof Solar Panels to power your house.  In United States of America the leading states in solar installations are New Jersey, California and Arizona.  Though most of them are commercial installations, the amount of residential installs are growing fast too.

Solar Panels convert the Sun’s solar energy into electricity.  These panels are made of an array of small sized PV (Photovolatic) Cells.  PV Cells convert solar energy, also known as solar radiation or solar light, into electricity when light hits silicon wafers and excites the electrons that results in electrical energy.  These small amounts of energy from several hundred cells result in a large amount of usable electricity.  Solar generated electricity is a DC current that can be converted in to AC using an inverter. There are three types of Solar Panel’s in use – Monocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline Panels and Thin Film Panels.  Monocrystalline Panels are considered the most efficient ones and used widely on roof tops and farm deployments.  As a result, the number of businesses providing Solar Installation has rapidly grown and thus naturally this field has a large demand of skilled employees.  This also lead to increase in number of training centers offering certified Solar Installation Training.

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