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solar energy

Solar Energy and renewable energy has received a lot of attention lately in the face of energy crisis. Everyone seems to have turned towards renewable energy and that has driven a lot of interest in this field. As the gas prices rise due to political fall outs, the end consumers faces a squeeze in already strained economy. The government is driven to support search for alternative resources to fulfill our rising energy demands. The US Government has reduced its oil imports by 10% between 2010 and 2011. It has been viewed as a driving force into next century of world leaders. With increase in support and grants from folks in Washington, Solar Energy is getting a fresh new look.

While it’s already considered as a leader in alternative resources, it is making a lot of heads turn with its improved efficiency in tapping into solar energy. People are actually using Solar as alternative resources and we see that evident in roof tops and large scale fields. Every homeowner in US is now tempted to reap the benefits of this freely available resource and be more earth friendly. As Solar Technology has advanced in last decade, we have seen a lot of actual Solar Energy field deployments. There has been a sharp rise in green jobs skills including Solar Installation Training and PV Installers Training. These high demand training programs are preparing a new breed of Solar Installers that use the new and improved design of solar panels and their components on roof tops and solar fields.

These new solar panels use Solar Cell also known as Photovoltaic Cell (PV) to harness Sun’s energy into electricity using the photoelectric effect. Individual PV cells are grouped into panels and arrays of these panels are deployed to harness Solar Energy. We have come a long way from the first PV cell created back in 1880s. These days PV installs are slim, much more efficient and easy to install. The efficiency of a PV cell can be measured in various ways including conductive, reflective and thermodynamic efficiencies. The key parameter in evaluating solar cell performance is fill factor. Even though most of the electricity generated by PV cells in residential is directly connected to the electricity grid system, there are few deployments that are off-grid installations. There has been tremendous growth in the number of residential deployed installations. As part of the US economy revitalization the government adopted policies to develop a more cleaner and diverse energy resource. It has helped the Solar Installation Trainings in most parts of the country to get everyone trained in this new demanding field.


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