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Solar Certification is a process of getting yourself trained and certified in doing your job right.  This it seems matters to the consumers that will need to know if you are certified or qualified to do the task.  As the residential and commercial demand in Solar Panel grows, there will also be a rise in number of businesses that offer this service.  It’s a basic demand-supply math which means that there will be more competition and you have to prove that you are the professional that can do this task the right way.

One should consider getting certified for four main reasons:

  1. Get yourself proper training and understanding on fundamentals of Solar Technology.
  2. Be professional and competitive compared to other PV Installers.
  3. Increase yours and customers confidence in doing Solar Installation correctly.
  4. Meet all state and local standards

Let’s face it, we all look for certified contractors when getting a house work done or look for certified electrician for our house works.  It provides us a better feeling knowing that someone who is actually trained to do this is going to work on it.  When considering someone for a major task like this, people will look for you to be certified.  Even though certification is voluntary, it’s become an essential tool in any new business.

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) offers several Solar Certifications that are nationally recognized.  It offers an entry level Solar Certification is ideal for someone new in this field who wants to get started in the solar field.  There are also the PV Certified Installer and PV Technical Sales Certification.  For more information, visit These Solar Certifications are nationally recognized but you still have to follow the local county/city laws to meet specific standards.  In some states, you may find that you need to be licensed as Electrician to perform your tasks and in some states there are no such requirements.  Solar Installation Training alone may not be sufficient, but is probably a fundamental requirement going forward in this highly demanding field.  These trainings and certifications will give you confidence in doing your installation and satisfying your customers.

You next steps should be to consider attending some Solar Installation Training that is right for you.  If you are an electrician or a general contractor who is trying to get into this field, then you should consider getting some Entry Level Solar Certification.  This will give train you in basic principles of Solar Technology and also give you an idea as to what you can expect if you want to pursue this career.


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